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Tahira Hanif

Is It Correct to Say “Best Wishes”?

When you are ready to finish an email, you may begin to wonder what sounds better, “Kind regards” or “Best wishes”? That all depends on to whom you are sending an email. “Best wishes” is a phrase that expresses optimistic hope for someone’s future. It’s common in greeting cards and letters, but it is a …

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Is It Correct to Say, “Revert to Us”?

Have you ever received an email within a multinational company where someone to you to “Revert to us”? What did they mean, and is this phrase grammatically correct? “Revert to us” is a phrase you may hear in a business setting, but you should avoid using “revert to us” to mean “reply” in the U.S. …

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What Does the Upside Down T Mean in Math?

Mathematics seems to throw letters our way on occasion, despite consisting primarily of numbers. We can forgive this in algebra, but when those letters seem to twist into strange symbols like the upside-down T, many of us feel lost all over again. The upside-down T (or ⊥) refers to perpendicular lines, which are two lines …

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Does “Anytime” Mean You’re Welcome?

Imagine you’re leaving work, and your best friend gives you a call to say that they’re bringing you your favorite meal. You’re full of thank you’s and gratitude, but your friend simply responds with “anytime.”  “Anytime” means “you’re welcome” when you use it colloquially. As society moves away from more formal language, using synonymous words …

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Can You Use “Yet” With “Didn’t”?

“Didn’t” is the mantra of toddlers and teenagers everywhere. If you ask a child who made the mess, the response is inevitably, “I didn’t do it!” While “didn’t” indicates that an event did not occur, adding the word “yet” can change things.    “Yet” and “didn’t” can appear together in a sentence. “Did” is the simple …

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