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Rozita Bron

Language has always been my passion, but I truly fell in love with linguistics working as an ESL teacher. So, armed with a degree in Linguistics and English, I took on the war of the words, becoming the go-to writer, editor, and proofreader in my personal and professional life. I am a creative author, and an enthusiastic learning and development consultant. After working in the training industry for over 10 years, I am now a self-sustained, freelance consultant; writing, editing, and proofreading all kinds of content, from various industries, on some of the most random topics sometimes! In essence, I help others craft their stories, whether it is by aiding with the writing, or writing something that impacts your story line.

“Although” and “but” are both conjunctions, which are words that we use to glue sentences and ideas together.  We specifically use these two to show a contrast or difference between ideas. Now, the question is, can we use “but” in the same sentence as “although”? English speakers do not use “but” and “although” together because …

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Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn, first, because it is phonetic — what you see is what you say — and because it doesn’t have as many exceptions to the rules as English does. There are some, but the rules within the Spanish language are much more straightforward, like the difference between …

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