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Dr. Patrick Capriola

Dr. Patrick Capriola is the founder of He is an expert in parenting, social-emotional development, academic growth, dropout prevention, educator professional development, and navigating the school system. He earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida in 2014.

His professional experience includes serving as a classroom teacher, a student behavior specialist, a school administrator, and a coordinator of educator training at UF - providing professional development to school administrators and teachers, helping them learn to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students.

He is focused on growing into a leading source for high-quality research-based content to help parents work through the challenges of raising a family and progressing through the school system.

Is It Correct to Say “How Is Everything”?

If you’ve ever met up with someone after not seeing them for a while, you’ve probably asked, “How is everything?” to find out if anything important has happened that you should know about. This article explores whether or not it’s correct to ask, “How is everything?”   It is correct to say, “How is everything?” to …

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Is It Correct to Say “More Angry”?

Comparisons are a great way to express yourself descriptively. For example, instead of saying, “That is a big ship,” you might say, “That ship is bigger than a whale.” So, when it comes to the adjective “angry,” is it correct to say “more angry” when making a comparison? It is incorrect to say “more angry.” …

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Is It Correct to Say “How Was Your Weekend?”

Monday through Friday? Work. Saturday and Sunday? Free time! It’s what we all hope for, even if your schedule doesn’t reflect that pattern. Either way, when we rejoin our friends at work or in school on Mondays, we like knowing what they did without us. So it seems right to ask, “How was your weekend?” …

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